Foliar Manganese - Amino Acid Chelated

Foliar Manganese - Amino Acid Chelated

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ACA Manganese for organic production. 

Amino Acid Chelated Manganese is in a reduced form to provide a quick crop response. 

Benefits of Use:

  • Highly effective in soils where manganese availability is compromised due to dominant oxidative processes and management practices.
  • Adequate manganese serves as a potassium regulator.

Deficiency Symptoms—When to Apply:

  • It is best to identify nutrient manganese imbalances with a sap test. 


  • Manganese is needed for water hydrolysis at the beginning of the photosynthesis process.
  • Effectively treats manganese deficiency symptoms.
  • No risk of phytotoxicity if applied according to directions. It is best to apply to foliage after 5 pm to avoid applying at the peak of photosynthesis.
  • Can be combined with other organic crop inputs.