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When your vineyard needs some tender loving care or a full-blown “medical” checkup, the experts at Aliki Crop Advisors can help. Our mission is to assist vineyard owners with comprehensive plant management in Temecula, CA. With an extensive and focused soil and crop management plan designed exclusively for your property, your vineyard can produce amazing and lasting crops year after year.
Soil testing is a paramount first step to ensuring the production and sustainability of healthy and vigorous plant growth and is an essential tool to determine and define the imbalances in the soil that affect the development of your crops. We will test for nutrients and help monitor the soil throughout critical points in the growth stages of your crop to ensure that it remains healthy. 
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Whether you have a large commercial production or a small residential garden, our team of consultants can offer specific solutions to help you sustain healthy crops. Every harvest is susceptible to disease and pests that can affect the health of your vines and grapes and reduce their growth rate. We believe the cultivation of naturally rich soil is necessary to support nutrients that will help your crops thrive in all conditions. 
Optimal crop performance is achieved by correcting the roots of disease.
We believe optimal crop performance happens by literally getting to the root of the problem to eliminate the elements in the soil that create plant disease. Soil regeneration is one way we help vineyard owners meet their crop goals and produce sustainable outcomes. Avoiding pesticides and using biologically rich compost will also renew depleted soil and stimulate excellent growth in your vineyard.
When you’re looking for soil regeneration services in Temecula, CA, our team is here to help you. We offer a wide range of services to help you meet your production goals. Schedule your consultation today!