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We believe that a healthy vineyard begins with healthy soil and water. Our mission as California crop and nutrient management advisors is to provide vineyard owners with precise methods that will increase the health of their agricultural atmosphere. When this happens, vineyards can survive longer. Our company understands crops can struggle in certain areas because of low nutrients. By reducing water and fertilizer usage, owners can save money each year when they focus on strategic soil management. That is why our California crop and nutrient management team utilizes bio-stimulation and irrigation efficiency for plant life.

Paul Filomena is a Crop Adviser and Conservation Agronomist. He holds certifications from the American Society of Agronomy, the US Compost Council, and the Soil Food Web School. Paul lends his passion and experience to helping farmers and residential growers transform depleted land into healthy biologically diverse soil. His strategies for soil health management in California productively address the chemical, biological, and structural imbalances in the soil while improving crop fertility. Rethinking agriculture from the ground up, Paul aims to support widespread recovery of soil and the resulting improvement in human health.


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Nutrient Management

Proper plant nutrition is the foundation of disease and pest control.

We utilize sap analysis to uncover nutrient deficiencies that lead to weakness, vulnerability, and loss of resilience. Correcting specific nutrient imbalances allows for more desirable outcomes. 


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From hemp farming to food production and everything in between, science proves that biologically-active soil makes for stronger, richer, and healthier plants.

The goal of fertility management is to improve the populations of beneficial biology in the soil microbiome. 

  • Disease suppression
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Secondary plant metabolites

We sell an exclusive broad spectrum probiotic that serves as a bio-stimulant to improve biodiversity, out-compete pathogens, and boost the plant's immune system. Let's talk about conservation strategies crop and nutrient management in California, to prevent erosion and soil loss.



      Irrigation Services

      Water is life! Both in the short and long term, all agricultural endeavors depend on the intelligent management of this essential resource.

      We design and install water-wise solutions to maximize returns.

      We address:

      • Water conservation
      • Site and crop-specific water requirements
      • Water quality issues

      Our Consulting Services

      Our team in California offers crop and nutrient management consulting services to help farmers increase their profits and sustainability through careful methods. Focusing on plant nutrition is the first step toward lasting plant health. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your soil to help determine any imbalance that may contribute to poor growth.

      Why Use Our Consulting Services?

      Water and soil are essential components of an excellent crop. Sometimes we uncover water issues as the root cause of poor growth. Installing irrigation systems will help your plants absorb more nutrients and thrive longer. 


      Using our consulting services in California for soil health and crop nutrient management can help save your business time and money. It can offer other benefits, such as:


      • Help save water
      • Reduce disease
      • Improve plant nutrients
      • Provide solutions for monitoring
      • Identify specific soil for proper nutrient control


      If you need advice on nutrition management for your vineyard, our team can help. 

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      If you’re ready to increase your plant growth and improve the health and yield of your vineyard, contact our crop management experts in California to schedule a consultation. We will discuss the best options for your soil and plant health. We look forward to helping you grow a healthy and profitable vineyard.


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