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Consulting Services


Our proven strategies support healthy, disease-free growing environments through nutrient management, bio-stimulation, and irrigation efficiency. 


Nutrient management, healthy grapes

Nutrient Management

Proper plant nutrition is the foundation of disease and pest control.

We utilize sap analysis to uncover nutrient deficiencies that lead to weakness, vulnerability, and loss of resilience. Correcting specific nutrient imbalances allows for more desirable outcomes. 


Biostimulant graphic 


From hemp farming to food production and everything in between, science proves that biologically-active soil makes for stronger, richer, and healthier plants.

The goal of fertility management is to improve the populations of beneficial biology in the soil microbiome. 

  • Disease suppression
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Secondary plant metabolites

We sell an exclusive broad spectrum probiotic that serves as a bio-stimulant to improve biodiversity, out-compete pathogens, and boost the plant's immune system. Let's talk about conservation strategies to prevent erosion and soil loss.



      Irrigation Services

      Water is life! Both in the short and long term, all agricultural endeavors depend on the intelligent management of this essential resource.

      We design and install water-wise solutions to maximize returns.

      We address:

      • Water conservation
      • Site and crop-specific water requirements
      • Water quality issues


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