Join the worldwide movement to regenerate our planet!

The need for commercial and residential growers to protect real human interests by eliminating chemical inputs and extractive methods cannot be underestimated. Aliki Crop Advisors exists to help the world grow back toward food and soil security.

Embracing the path of organic, regenerative, biological agriculture is the only way to support our individual and collective healing.



Aliki comes from a root word meaning “protector of the people.” 

It all begins with soil.

As small farmer Paul Filomena began to understand the connection between plant health, food quality, and the alarming rise in human disease, he decided to dig for solutions. It didn’t take long to root out the answer: soil.


Paul Filomena is a Crop Adviser and Conservation Agronomist. He holds certifications from the American Society of Agronomy, the US Compost Council, and the Soil Food Web School. Paul lends his passion and experience to helping farmers and residential growers transform depleted land into healthy biologically diverse soil. His strategies productively address the chemical, biological, and structural imbalances in the soil while improving crop fertility. Rethinking agriculture from the ground up, Paul aims to support widespread recovery of soil and the resulting improvement in human health.