Unlock the Potential of Your Vineyard

Aliki Crop Advisors helps winegrowers increase Brix levels using precision nutrient management.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fertilizer, so our agronomist formulates a custom blend of mineral nutrients according to what your grapes need. In order to determine exactly which nutrients are needed, leaf tissue samples are collected at each growing stage throughout the season. Foliar applications of our Broad Spectrum Probiotic and targeted nutrients correct yield-limiting factors like nutrient deficiency and plant pathogens. 

Foliar fertilization is the most efficient and effective method for delivering mobile nutrients to the plant. Plants respond quickly to targeted nutrient applications as minerals enter the epidermis and stomata of the leaves. The nutrients are then translocated through the plant to support metabolism and growth resulting in higher Brix levels.

The right tools for the job: 

An economical spraying service delivers precise amounts of essential nutrients to your vines. The results of our foliar treatments can be seen in under 48 hours. We use specialized spray equipment to maximize nutrient uptake in the plant tissue. 


  • Improve the fruit set of Grapes
  • Prepare your upcoming season for better root and shoot growth
  • Custom nutrient formulation from a Certified Crop Adviser
  • Improve soil health and biological activity